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Any divorce process whether it is an uncontested or contested, the process results into highly stressful and hurtful conditions for the partners and related family members. Apart from providing mental disturbances to the people, the economical condition of both the individuals also get affected through various procedures involved with this part ways process in Florida. Such legal processess has significant impact on economical state of both the partners as procedures involved in entire divorce process may demand the higher expenses from both the sides. The total cost of this legal process can be fragmented into various sections such as an attorney or lawyer's fees, child custody or child support issues, alimony amount, expenses through visitation and many more.

The total cost can be divided through various steps performed in entire process. However, the contested process is more expensive than uncontested process. Since the uncontested case does not necessarily require the presence of an attorney as most of the crucial issues such as property or debt division, financial support provided for child's upbringing, etc. are easily sort out by the couple itself. Hence, mutual agreement of both the partners saves a lot of money and time for both the parties. On the other side, the contested process may provide you various conditions where you need to spend and accomplish the formality.

The contested process primary includes the guidance of an attorney or lawyer through so many ways. They basically help you through all procedures such as filing the case in the courthouse, preparing all essential documents regarding child custody or child support issues, alimony agreement document, preparation of financial affidavits and several paper work associated with contested process in this state. Therefore, here we are providing detailed information regarding all possible factors which can be included in total cost of this separation process.

In a broad scenario, the total cost is mainly categorized into two major parts which may vary as per the situation present between both the spouses.

The two major sections of expenses are mentioned below:

  1. Divorce attorney or lawyer's fees: Your consultation with an attorney or lawyer regarding all essential matters like preparing accurate petition document, maintenance of essential documents highlighting final decision on property or debt division, alimony amount, financial support provided to child in terms of educational fees, health insurance and visitation expenses and all essential expenses of the child and several other functions, are greatly required especially during your contested case in the state. This is because one of two partners do not show his or her agreement with all conditions presented by their respective partner in the court. As a result, negotiation practices are required in order to appeal and bring modification in final decision announced by the court house. The attorney or lawyers usually ask for higher amount of their fees as they play a highly significant role in entire procedure. However, there is no constant figure provided for attorney's fees but it may differ on the basis of case situation.

  2. Filing fees given to the clerk of courthouse: During the process, especially in Florida state, you are also required to pay definite amount of fees to the clerk of civil court house while filing your case. It is the duty of the client to pay that fees in the court who applies for the uncontested divorce in the court of Florida. Otherwise, usually the attorney or lawyer pay that amount on behalf of their clients.

Fees Details

The range of fees especially in case of attorney or lawyer's fees may vary depending upon your requirement in the case. Following are some major situations are mentioned below:

  1. Divorce without children and property distribution matter: The expenses involved in the process may vary depending upon the situation of your case.The divorce without children is a less expensive affair for the parties. On the other hand, if no asset division is demanded by both the individuals, then the attorney's fees can be $200.00 approximately. However, the filing fees to the clerk costs around $400.00.

  2. Process with children: On the other side, if children also get involved during the process, then the significant variations in attorney's fees can be observed. This is due to additional considerations in terms of handling child custody, child support and their visitation issues. As a result, the attorney's fees lies around $300.00. However, the filing fees in court house remain the same in every type of condition.

Listed below is the table indicating cost of divorce for the couples having income under USD 50,000 and above USD 50,000.

Cost of Divorce for Both the Couples Earning less than USD 50,000

Cost of Divorce for Either of the Couples Earning more than USD 50,000

Cost of Divorce for Both the Couples Earning more than USD 50,000

Basically, the range of attorney's fees lies between $200.00 and $300.00. whereas, the amount of filing fees given to the clerk of court house remains almost constant. At the same time, clients may also require to expend in functions like printing the copies of all essential documents to be presented in the court.

As a result, cost of divorce in Florida entails definite range of fees demanded by the attorneys or lawyers and several other expenses are also included in overall cost of this legal process as described above.